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Questions to Ask the Owner or Manager Before Renting

Published on 21/04/2015 by Avi Goldberg‏

 You already blocked off the dates for when you need to rent a Jerusalem vacation apartment. You organized a tentative plan for how to use your time while staying there. You have a grip on your basic budget. Armed with all this information, you feel ready to book your Jerusalem rental .

Yet when you start browsing through the ads for available apartments, it’s hard to narrow down the options. A feeling that you’re missing some crucial information begins to nag… What else must you know before renting your Jerusalem apartment?

First and foremost – don’t commit to an apartment before you verify that it’s genuine. Be confident that you’re not being scammed. To play it safe, follow these guidelines: Avoid Scams When Booking a Jerusalem Vacation Rental

Your next step should be to get a comprehensive and accurate physical description of the apartment. Don’t worry about asking for explanations of the obvious. Many seemingly obvious facts are really up for interpretation!

The following sets of questions will help you find answers for what you need to know:  

  • What floor is the apartment located on?

While this may seem straightforward, it’s not! In Israel, apartments begin on the ground floor. So a first floor apartment is one level up, with a staircase to get there. Ask how many steps, and is there an elevator? Some buildings also have steps that lead up to the entrance, so even the ground floor apartment may not be at ground level.

  • How many bedrooms are there?

The definition of a bedroom can be loose. Confirm that each bedroom is a private room, with a real door and not just a partition. Be sure to ask how many beds are real beds, and not couch-beds.

  • How many bathrooms are there?

Do they have showers or bathtubs, and is there adequate hot water? Are any of the bathrooms en suite?

  • What does it mean when a kitchen is described as fully equipped?

Which kitchen appliances are provided? Is the kitchen kosher? What cooking utensils and food prep supplies are available for use? How many people can the table seat?

  • Is WiFi or Cable TV important to you?

Double-check that they exist, and don’t assume that they are standard features.

  • Does the front door open with a key, or a code? And who else has a copy?

There have been many reports of Jerusalem rentals that people locked up in the morning, returned to in the evening, and found things missing – with no sign of a break in.

  • Is parking convenient for your rental car?

A private parking lot associated with the building sounds ideal, yet ask if there is a reserved spot for every apartment, or is it first-come first-serve – and only 10 spots exist for a building with 20 apartments?

When the apartment has free street parking or metered curb parking, verify that spots are generally available.

Paid street parking isn’t necessarily a reason to reject the apartment. There is a app called Pango, which simplifies the situation greatly. With Pango, you register your car with the service and then phone in to start the meter every time you park. When you leave, you simply phone in to end the meter. Are you the type who will never remember to stop the clock before you pull away from the curb? Don’t worry, Pango calls with automatic reminders.

  • If you’re travelling with a baby or young children, inquire whether the house is child friendly?

Find out if the furnishings are more sturdy or delicate. Are there many fragile decorative items? What about a safety gate for the staircase? Not all Jerusalem rentals are suitable for young families.

  • Is the apartment is a year-round rental, or does someone reside there permanently and just rent it out for short periods of time when they’re away?

This matters because it’s often the difference between living in an uncluttered space versus a room or closets filled with someone else’s belongings.

Now that you have a good vision of the interior, consider the location and exterior surroundings:

  • Is the street quiet and tree-lined, or a bustling main avenue? Is it fully residential, or mixed in with businesses?
  • Are there parks or playgrounds in the area?
  • How far away is the closest bus stop, or light-rail station?
  • Is there a supermarket or makolet (mini-market), or other convenience shops, nearby?

Once you have a total view of the apartment and its amenities – don’t forget to check behind the scenes! Is there a local property manager on-call for when problems crop up? Complications or emergencies arise in even the most perfect apartment. You need complete confidence that someone reliable, like the Jerusalem property management team from City of Gold Apartments, will be there to extend a hand

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